The tradition of playing craps goes back to ancient times of the Holy Roman Empire, when soldiers are said to have rolled the dice in their free time. We also have others who believe that the game originated from America. And now the game has taken its internet avatar in the form of online craps.

It is a fairly simple game that anyone can play. It is all about knowing how to bet as there is nothing you can do to control the numbers that appear on the fall of the dice. As a result, winning in craps has more to do with luck than skill.

The best way to start learning online craps is to use a website that allows you to play for free against the house. You can enhance your chances of winning in Online Craps provided you know how to bet.

When playing online, you will be called “Shooter” if you are the one who is throwing the dice. To win, you should get a seven or an 11 in your first throw, also called the “come out roll”. You lose if you get two, three, or 12. Other numbers that you get will set up a pass line number. You should aim at getting this number once more before you get a seven. You lose if you get a seven ahead of getting the pass line number.

Online craps tournaments – When you play in tournaments, there are some changes in the rules, as you are playing against other players instead of the house. These rules vary with websites so you need to make sure to check these before you register and start playing. Check whether the site clearly mentions the registration fees for the tournament, the money offered as prize and other details. Never jump into a tournament before you have researched the site adequately. Also, you need to practice well using websites that offer free online crap tournaments before you can actually start playing for money.

Most of the rules of online Craps are almost similar to conventional craps except that in online craps there is no throwing of real dice. Actually, the number is generated using a random number generator. So, there is always a chance that the random number generator can be adjusted in favor of the online casino. That is why it is very important to select your online craps website carefully after proper research.

The game of craps also gives you a lot of opportunities to side bet. But it is always better to first get your basics strong before you can think about such side bets. Craps is a simple game and it is better to keep it that way if you really want to enjoy it as a beginner.

As online craps is a game of luck, you may have to face heartbreaks if you are not careful about your spending. Whether you win big or not, you can at least avoid emptying your wallet by being alert.

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