Card Counting Systems Can Make A Difference

If you are one of those online blackjack fans who love to make the most out of your games and Blackjack tournaments are often times your guilty pleasures, you have reached the right spot. We are going to help you find the very best game tactics in terms of card counting systems and card counting strategies that you should be cleverly inserting and making full use of during your gambling. You shall hence get to be one step ahead of the house and make sure you constantly know whether the remaining cards in the deck are still worth it and also know what sort of call you should be making. The fact that the game of Blackjack or 21 does not presume that the gambler is going to have to play against other players, but the dealer itself or the house is going to represent their main opponents.

In other words, a game of Blackjack has every chance of being won by you, provided you decide to pay the necessary amount of attention to some pretty basic card counting systems and strategies you are going to discover within the next few lines. But before you read these, you should probably know that the ideas you might be having when it comes to card counting might be pretty off; no, you do not have to be a walking-talking genius and “Math” does not have to be your middle name, as card counting strategies are quite easy to grasp and they can be thought to anyone remotely interested in knowing more about them.

The Best Card Counting Strategies

You should be thrilled to know that you are not going to show proof of an impressive memory provided you are willing to learn one of these card counting strategies; you are simply going to have to learn how to accurately attribute the right type of values to the remaining cards in the deck, or, better said, determine the ratio of high cards to low cards. Actually, the Hi-Lo card counting system is one of the most popular card counting systems you could be focusing your attention on.

The system involves the assignation of a certain point value to each type of card in the deck; low cards are going to be assigned a value of “plus one” (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) – and they are useful to the dealer who is going to have to take a hit provided the total of a hand is under 17. High cards (Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces) are going to be assigned the “minus one” value and they are going to boost the player’s chances to draw a hand that equals 17 or that goes higher – hence hitting natural Blackjack. Sevens, eights, nines are considered neutral cards and they are not to be assigned any special values. The main idea behind this card counting systems refers to the need to bet more cash whenever your count is positive and bet the minimum when your card counting system results in a negative outcome.

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