We know what you really want to do be doing right now – you want to play online video poker for money. Admit it – it’s okay. We really don’t mind in the least and we’re perfectly happy to help you to do just that. In fact, we want you to make some nice money playing our online video poker tables right now? Why? Read on and we’ll tell you.

It’s Business

Look, obviously we’re in business to make money. However, we also know that you’re out there hoping to play online video poker for money. In this particular case, our interests intersect. You see, the way we figure it, if you have a lot of fun playing our online casino then you’ll tell your friends about it. They’ll show up and tell their friends. Then we make money and you make money when you win at our tables. It’s a great deal all around so we totally do want you to win cash from us.

How Video Poker Works

In the event that you have never played video poker for money before, it’s a good idea to understand how it works. Unlike traditional poker, there is no need to develop a poker face. Nobody will ever see your cards and you can jump for joy when you hit a full house or cry when you have have nothing but a pair of deuces. That’s because when you play video poker for money with us, the amount you’ll win from each hand you’re dealt is predetermined. You are simply dealt your five cards, you can choose whether to hit or stay and then based on your hand, you win a certain amount.

It’s Based on Statistics

The concept is based around statistics. Our programmers have figured out exactly how likely it is for you to get two of a kind, three of a kind, four of a kind, full house and all the like. This way, we can assign a dollar value to each hand that you may be dealt based on how likely it is to show up. When that hand is dealt to you, you are paid a specific dollar amount for having hit it.

Perfect for Those Who Love Poker But Have a Tell

This feature of online video poker games makes them absolutely perfect for those who seem to always lose at traditional poker games – you don’t need to ever worry about having a tell which will give away whether you’re bluffing or not and you can simply play online video poker for money to your heart’s content without ever worrying about the possibility of giving away the truth. So what are you waiting for? Play a hand today!

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